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Ergonomic Bike Grips

Ergonomic Bike Grips

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Prevent wrist and hand pain with these ergonomic, locking multi-sport bicycle grips

Bar ends and grip bodies can be independently adjusted dependent on preference; bar ends also double as the locking clamps for the grips

Alloy locking clamp system

Ergonomic grip shape is molded to increase your palm surface area in contact with grip, effectively reducing vibration and fatigue while ensuring comfort

Assists in preventing numb fingers and aching forearms


Material: Ultra-light Aluminum alloy and high quality TPR

Color: Black or Black/White

Inner Clamp Diameter: 22 mm

Size: 30 x 14 (D x L)

Width: 300-400 mm

Grips Length: 80 mm

Weight: 330 g

Package Contents:
1 Pair Ergonomic Grips