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Snow Leopard Fourteen-Teeth Ice Crampons (Long Tooth)

Snow Leopard Fourteen-Teeth Ice Crampons (Long Tooth)

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Tooth length: 40 mm
Snowguards: GPU-AA 
Safe lock: Manganese steel, chroming. 
Shoe Top: nylon PA 
Bandage: Crystallization resistant, water proof nylon ribbon 
Size: Can be easily adjusted between 3.5-10.0 EUR size (3-10 UK size), (3.5-12 US Men's size), 230 mm-280 mm
Weight: 1250 g 
Size: 40 mm 

 1.High density manganese steel. 
 2.Band: polypropylene yarn ribbon type, anti-crystallization, anti-absorbent nylon web belt
 3.Toe: nylon material PA.

Great for mountaineering, ice climbing, hiking, etc.

Package Contents:

1 Pair of Large Tooth Crampons